PC: Moon Lovers from Instagram

So near…yet so far

The painter and his (once) muse.

Am wrapped in your arms

Yet the only hues I feel are blue.

Is it the same for you?

Has this “we” gone past its due?

This was my entry for a picture prompt contest; I wrote this in 2 minutes. I am trying my hand at composing on the spot; its hard!


Brown Skin

Me and mini me: Our brown skin getting browner by the minute!

Do not judge her for the colour of her skin

My daughter was born for a different world

Where any colour could rule the free world

And boundaries ablur

(We tolerated each other atleast

Xenophobia the new F word)

Brown- the colour of tan dreaded by Asians

Brown- the colour of dirt that breaks out your milky Caucasian skin

Fair enough, not all of you hate her but don’t dilute her either

Fragrant chai, yoga or spicy curry…

Even you know that’s a watered down history of her ancestry.

Do not judge her by the colour of her skin

I brought her into this world thinking white privilege was on its last leg

Race was limited to a square box ticked

So naive, both her and me

But now I know she needed to have waited

Born too early into a world

That cares not that she also bleeds red

All they see is brown, too shallow to delve any deeper.

Sorry for the lack of content last week, ’tis holiday(ing) season after all. A very happy 2019 y’all!


I’m a huge fan of Kabir and Rahim’s Dohas. For the uninitiated, I highly recommend you read their unrhymed couplets; the life lessons I have learnt from these are countless. There is no topic they haven’t broached and I often defer to these when I am looking for advice but not ready to face a human.

Here is my favorite one:-

बिगरी बात बने नहीं, लाख करो किन कोय (Bigari baat bane nahi, laakh karo kin koye)

रहिमन फाटे दूध को, मथे न माखन होय (Rahiman fate doodh ko, mathe na maakhan hoye)

This roughly translates as follows-

A million measures cannot reform an unkind word uttered, act done.
So exercise control.
Try as you may, there is no butter to be made from curdled milk.

My poem for today is inspired by this Doha. It pales terribly in comparison because there is no tampering with perfection. Also because it was an effort not use the same words but express the same emotions.

I dedicate this to all my (lost) relationships where there is simply too much water under the bridge. The poem seems incomplete, just like us. Here goes…

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The silences between us span oceans,

The unfinished memories decades.

If these were to disappear, nothing would change

…the walls of misunderstandings crisscrossing many lifetimes.


This my take on loneliness in different phases of life, but a constant nonetheless. 


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Loneliness has been my companion for the first quarter of my life

A familiar face in a crowded room.

I wasn’t born an orphan, not single in my prime

But I have always needed a double bed, for loneliness to lie by my side. 

I used to dream of a day when I would no longer need him

Perhaps more money, a different man, looking for another vibe

However, a realisation dawns on me as I sit here today,

That I am loneliness and he is I.


An uninvited friend like my wrinkles and arthritis

He has been a recent visitor, something I don’t get very often nowadays.

My home then abustle, my face the life of a party

Now my closest flown away- the coop and to the skies

So, I invite loneliness to tea and reminisce on old times

Then, a realisation dawns on me as I sit with him today

I must accept him as my  soulmate, ’cause he alone belongs to me. 

Writing for Views

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.

Elie Wiesel

As my brain goes through a poetry lull, I thought it was a good time for some self-reflection. One of the reasons I think my poetry bank is drying up, is the limited eyeballs  on my blog since it began seven months ago. Just penning this thought makes it sound so ridiculous, because it definitely gets more views than when it sat there in a secret journal. Penning this makes it sound so ridiculous because poetry has always been my way of contemplating my surroundings. So, when did someone, somewhere reading my work, become such a big deal? Perhaps the digital version of ourselves seeks approval in a way we never do in real life. Once up in the digital world, the likes, the followers decide on how you feel about a piece of work (or an image)…your opinion slightly less relevant and indifference dreaded and quite simply torturous.

So, I write this post to remind myself this, “True, your purple journal no longer resides in your pyjama drawer, rather, the web is your pyjama drawer now! However the people whose creative aesthetics you need to please haven’t changed and continue to remain ME,MYSELF and I.” 

I hope to going back to giving the world my version of poetry next week, with pride. In return, I will accept its indifference, with pride.   

You Remind Me…

Image from getty images

You remind me of a different time

A heart full of hope 

A world with endless possibilities

You remind me of my youth.

You remind me of a different time 

My body untouched by a man

Feeling your heart racing to my touch and sending my pulse a soar

My head spinning as you undressed me with your eyes

You remind me of my virginity. 

You remind me of a different time

My worlds unbridled

My soul on its endless search for a mate

You remind me of how I used to flirt.

You remind me of a different time

Making tough choices that took us on different paths

I thought it was best for us, please don’t ask why or what

You remind me of ambition and growing up.

I remind you of a different time

When I broke your heart and watched you cry

When time came didn’t turn around, didn’t say goodbye

I remind you of a bitch. 

Perfectly Mismatched

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Hello wet blanket,

Rainfall on a beautiful sunny day

You are all these, yes you are!

But my smile when I’m with you gives my true feelings away.

We never have moments like in the movies

I know there is no ring at the end of my cake

Our moments only make sense to us

Dented by reality, so not Instagram worthy!

One straight laced, one loose cannon

No surprises who’s who

Heartbreaks and misunderstandings are part of this

Making up then making out, we have plenty of it!

Opposites we are, so wrong for each other

Everyone around us has known this for a bit.

Pieces of a puzzle from different boxes

But whatdaya know, they perfectly fit!

A cheesy poem I know!But cheese makes everything better no?